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Discover top 5 adventure activities to make Thrillseekers sweat!

If this headline caught up your eye, you must be familiar with the breathtaking feeling you experience when the adrenalin skyrockets throughout your body. Nothing compares with the goosebumps and the thrill that rushes through your veins while enjoying the adventure you have craved to take.

Of course, it is nice to have a relaxing day on the beach or somewhere on the sea, but all of us that easily get bored and want to mingle around, I think this type of excursion is the highlight of each of our holidays.
Since I am the adrenaline ‘junkie’ myself, I wanted to share my experience with you and expose the best activities you can enjoy while visiting Croatia and Split.

Preferring every kind of adventure activity, I have decided to explain to you 5 of them divided into 4 categories: river, air, land, and sea.

ATV quad bike Split Croatia

The first category I would like to start with is definitely River. Nature, in general, is usually a symbol of inspiration, peace, health, and more. It is amusing how it ables us to experience both the relaxing part and the adventure one at the same time.

Let the canyoning set you free

           If you are in Croatia in Split and you want to really get in touch with nature, Canyoning or Extreme Canyoning tour is the one you can not miss! I did these tours 3 times myself and each time I am was thrilled and amused as it was my first time doing it. To be able to walk and swim through crystal clear waters and canyon of Cetina River, I think is just a great privilege. Be courageous and let your adventurous spirit take you to the best day of your holidays.

Cetina River extreme rafting Croatia Go Adventure travel agency

The tour is organized during morning hours (8:30 am / 9:30 am), depending on the weather conditions. After you are all dressed up and secured, the 4 hours of pure fun and excitement starts. The guide will lead you throughout the whole experience providing you with one of the most beautiful experiences for sure.

The small ‘pools’ of river water lure you into jumping into this adventure properly. Throughout the trip, you have jumping points from cliffs 3-4 meters high as well as the small waterfalls that can be used as slides. It is just great how nature made them so suitable for this kind of fun.

However, the best part, in my opinion, is the two abseiling locations. This is the extra part that extreme version has, in case you decide to do the regular one, then you will descend the canyon on foot with the guide. The first one is in the middle of the canyon and it is from the 50-meter high cliff. Even though is that high, you don’t have to worry about managing the ropes since the guide will take care of it. Your only obligation is to be careful, push yourself from the cliff with your legs, and enjoy the priceless view you can see from the above.

The second abseil is from a 25-meter high cliff and it is optional as well. To be more exact, you can go on foot a bit lower on the cliff and jump from a 14-meter high point of that cliff. Furthermore, after that jump or abseil, you can do other jumps from the other side of the canyon. Those jumps are from 8 to 10 meter high cliffs and they are repeatable. This part is the end of your canyon adventure, but you still have a 10-minute walking distance to cover. On your way to the transfer, you can enjoy the beauty a bit more and see a bit of our culture.

The whole experience can be documented on our go-pro camera, or yours if you possess one and make these memories last. This tour is a perfect chance for you to enjoy a stress-free environment, meet other adrenaline seekers from all over the world, and take home unique memories because really nothing can be compared to the Canyoning tour.

Adrenalin doze called extreme rafting

           The next river activity I would like to present to you is Extreme rafting. An excitement you are going to experience while enjoying yourself on this tour, can’t be described in words. You have to be there to understand it.

           Rafting can be even more exciting with the river becoming more demanding and faster, while rapids become more and more extreme. This adrenaline-filled tour will leave you with an unforgettable experience. At the same time, you can relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters of river Cetina, as experienced guides will be there to help you throughout the whole tour.

           Even though there are options with regular rafting tours, for someone like you, who seeks thrill and fun, this is a better choice for sure. Once more you are able to explore the dalmatian countryside. The untouched nature completes the whole experience and reveals all of its diversity.

           Although the tour starts peacefully, really soon you will meet the fun and adrenalin rush you came for in the first place. The waterfalls that Cetina river abounds with are super-exciting and unpredictable. A guide will help you throughout the whole experience. Furthermore, since one guide is responsible for five people and rafting boats are customized for 3-4 people, it can happen that you are going to be a skipper in charge of your boat. Your adventure is going to be even more adrenalin pumped and tricky.

The best adrenaline tour in Split

Definitely, something that every thrill-seeker is looking for. Do not be worried about your security. Our guides are always one step ahead of you, ready to help you and guide you through the complete process that takes to pass the waterfall without difficulties.

           This is an opportunity for you to relax and unwind completely thinking only about the rapids you are conquering and all the adrenaline you are feeling in this ultimate half-day experience. This is a great opportunity for you to feel the strength of this powerful river that keeps attracting many adrenaline seekers and adventurers from all over the world!

           But the fun is not consisted just of rafting. Near the end of the tour, you have an 8-meter high cliff-jumping point.

           Once the 3-hour river fun is over, there is the biggest challenge of this tour, the climb from the bottom of the river canyon that takes around 10 minutes. However, when you reach the top of the canyon, the view and refreshments which will be waiting for you will make the whole climb worth it.

World from a different perspective

The air category is for the ones who regret they were not born with wings. The tour that perfectly suits anyone who likes to enjoy the air adrenalin is Zipline. Our Zipline tour is located in Omiš above the Cetina river I have been talking about earlier in this text.

           The adrenalin and adventure are what you came here for, but the view over this part of dalmatian landscapes will upgrade the whole experience to a new level. The tour starts with a pickup from Riva promenade if you need a transfer, but if not then it starts in Omiš, a small town 40 minutes away from Split.

           When you arrive at the Zipline office, the crew will set you up for the adventure (they will provide you all the necessary equipment you are going to need during the adventure). Since this activity requires a bit of hiking in the mountains, make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Your air adventure will last for 2.5 to 3 hours. Within that time you will have an opportunity to descend the canyon across eight steel cables, sitting in a belt. The total length of the cables is 2 100 m, the longest of which is 700 m and is 150 m above ground level. After the tour is done you will be driven back to the Zipline agency in Omiš.

Ride it like you stole it

The kind of tour I would like to introduce you to is ATV Quad biking. This adventure is an opportunity to explore Dalmatia from the land.

           Since quad bikes can reach almost any kind of land surface, you will be able to see amazing landscapes, roads, rivers, and canyons of Dalmatia. Moreover, this tour is not located in the same area as previous excursions I have been writing about, which means you can have a completely different experience.

Experienced guides will ride the quad with you, help you discover trails, some of which even the locals would have trouble leading you through, and provide you with a more demanding terrain whilst at the same time taking care of your absolute safety. More than 50 kilometers in 3 and a half hours of driving quad, up to 1000 meters above sea level on the highest mountain in Croatia. Dinars are more than fun enough even for experienced drivers. Enjoy this unforgettable adventure and discover the beauty of the Dalmatian inland, something you can not find in any tourist guides.

           This activity lets you enjoy the beautiful views and scenery on this adventure, in the pristine nature of Split hinterland which will be finished with a nice picnic consisted of domestic homemade cheese, bacon, fritters and a bottle of water. Moreover, you can enjoy it next to the river,  surrounded by nature.

           You can attend this tour during the morning or afternoon. If you need a transfer then the starting point would be from the Split city center. However, if you have your transportation, the meeting point is in the countryside. Even though the person who wants to drive a quad has to have a driver’s license, the quads are made for 2 people so the ones who can not drive are also able to enjoy themselves on this tour.

The sea’s roar is music to the soul

The last, but not least is the adrenalin sea activity. A tour on a Jet Ski is for all of the sea lovers who are eager to experience an adventure on an open sea.

If Croatia is your traveling destination, then we can both agree, the sea is one of the main reasons why. It is our blue gem and we are more than proud of it. While there are, of course, more relaxing options to enjoy the Croatian sea, I figured that for the ones who want both, beauty and adrenalin, this is one of the really good choices.

           Jet Ski Safari is an adrenaline adventure like nothing you have seen before. Professional instructors, high-speed Jet Skis, beautiful island Čiovo… In this unforgettable sea adventure, you are going to experience all of that in 120 minutes. Experience the island Čiovo and its beaches in the most attractive way possible!

           This is the challenge that you have to afford! The location you are heading to is the Laganini beach bar on Čiovo island, where you have a 40-minute free time for swimming or a drink in the bar. The whole jet ski experience lasts for 80 minutes. After the swim break, you are returning to Split with adrenalin pumped ride with your jet ski.

           The jet ski safari tour offers you to ride a jet ski by yourself, and this will cost you 130 €. However, if you want, you can show your jet ski driving skills to someone else and share a jet ski. This would cost 170 € for two of you. I think this option is pretty affordable since both of you would be able to drive a jet ski. One person on your way to Čiovo, and the other on your way back to Split.

Jet ski Split top sea tours

I hope this text of mine will help you find and decide which adrenalin tour you could do while spending your holidays in Split. I really tried to bring you closer to our natural beauties which we want to present to anyone who wishes to visit and experience its vacation in Croatia. However, if you don’t think any of those is suitable for you, I believe the regular relaxing tours will fulfill your expectations which you can read more about on our blog as well. You won’t be disappointed with any tour you decide to book, that’s what I am sure about!

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