550 kn / 75 € (-5 %)  per peson

Extreme Canyoning

Let your adventurous spirit take you to the best day of your holidays. In this extreme canyoning version, we offer rope lowering of two abseils: the first is 53m and the second is 18m high. Walk and swim through crystal clear waters and numerous brisk slides of the refreshing Cetina River. Enjoy the waterfalls and cliffs up to 180m high.Our guides will be with you and help you all the way. Make this vacation the one you`ll remember!

Start the most thrilling day of your vacation meeting our friendly guides on the beginning of Riva promenade in Split in the morning. Our air-conditioned and Wi-Fi equiped minivans will be waiting there to take you on a 40 minutes ride to Šestanovac village where this marvelous tour begins. You`ll hop into neoprene suits and put on a helmet and life jacket after our guide explains in detailed all the things you should know before the start. And off you go – to an adventure of a lifetime!

You`ll be swimming, diving, jumping from both rocks and cliffs but the very highlight of this tour will be a 53-meters rope descend from a cliff positioned next to the biggest waterfall in Croatia – Velika Gubavica. That`s where you`ll really test your limits and break boundaries, after which nothing will feel ordinary again! Laugh, talk, or even dance in the canyon with our guide, because – why not? It`s your time go back to carefree and stress free period in time and completely unwind!

After the tour our guides will take you back to Split to the same meeting point.
Don`t hesitate to join this adventure of a lifetime!

  • 3,5 – 4,5 h

  • 16+ years

  • 2,8 km

  • mind blowing

  • Price:

    550 kn / 75 € (-5 % for online booking)

  • Price includes:

    - transfer from Split with a comfortable air conditioned minivan
    - Wi-Fi access during transfer
    - guide
    - canyoning equipment
    - insurance

  • Departure time:

    01.04. - 31.05. u 09:45 AM
    01.06. - 15.09 u 08:45 AM
    16.09. - 31.10 u 09:45 AM

  • Return time:

    01.04. - 31.05. at (approx.) 15:30 PM
    01.06. - 15.09 at (approx.) 14:30 PM
    16.09. - 31.10 at (approx.) 15:30 PM

  • Availabilty:

    April - October

Went extreme canyoning with a couple of friends and it was the best day ever! Our guide Jerko was super fun as well as professional and made the whole day a blast!

By Johanna (Sweeden)

Wow! What an experience! Loved this adventure through the canyon, the abseil was great fun and I plucked up the courage to jump the 3m ledge to the water!

By Michelle (UK)

It was amazing! The best day of our stay in Split and maybe one of the funniest days in my whole life! I recommend this trip from all of my heart to those who like real adventure and adrenalin rushes.

By Oliver (Finland)
  • Meeting point:

    We`ll be waiting for you on the bus stop in front of st. Francis church on the end of Riva promenade. Please make sure to come 10 minutes prior to departure to the meeting point and bring your voucher!

Optional – If you have your own transfer

If you prefer coming to the trip location with your own car – it`s no problem for us. Just make sure to choose the “without transfer” option in the booking process and follow the below instructions on when and where to meet us.

  • Price

    450,00 kn (-5 % for online booking)

  • Meeting time:

    01.04. - 31.05. at 10:30 AM
    01.06. - 15.09 at 09:30 AM
    16.09. - 31.10 at 10:30 AM

  • Directions to meeting point:

    - Exit Split and go north towards highway A1 - Dugopolje entrance.
    - Enter the highway and drive approx. 35 km in direction of Makarska.
    - Exit at Šestanovac and drive 2 km to the centre of the village and meet us next to the main crossroad and first aid ambulance.

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  • Distance from start to finish:

    2.800 meters

  • Altitude distance from start (in the canyon) to finish:

    73 meters

  • River temperature:

    Between 15°C and 19°C. It depends on the season

  • Water diving:

    You can dive in the water only in places that are allowed by the guide. Usually, there are four dives, but they are not obligatory and can be bypassed.

  • Abseiling:

    Cetina Extreme Canyoning trip includes a rope lowering and using alpine equipment. We have two abseils; the first one is 53 meters high and the second is 18 meters high.

  • Previous experience:

    Not necessary

  • Canyoning equipment:

    Helmet, lifejacket and long neoprene suit

  • Equipment & Staff:

    All equipment used is registered and certified at the EU. All customers must wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and helmets at all times while in the river. All of our professional guides are registered at Croatian mountain rescue service. Staff members speak Croatian and English.

  • What to Bring:

    Footwear such as joggers (to wear in the river), a swimming suit, a towel

  • Special Conditions:

    The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice, at their discretion, depending on the weather or river conditions. All safety instructions from Go Adventure’s staff must be adhered to.

  • Number of people per day:

    Minimum of 2 and a Maximum of 50

  • Availability:

    This trip runs if there are 2 or more people. E-mail us regarding dates and tell us the number of people in your group. We also need to know if you need transfers.

Marulićeva 4, Split +385 91 4500 400 info@goadventure.hr