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Visiting Split In Dalmatia: What To Eat And Do


Split: What To Eat and What To Do

What to eat is the first question when you are visiting a new place. If you are a traveler with an adventurous spirit and yearning to truly see the world, you likely want to experience the heart and soul of new places. Eat like a local discover things that make up the everyday lives of those who live there. There is no better way to dive into local life than to eat like them. Food and restaurants have a way of telling the stories and showing the soul of a people and a place.

Dalmatian Cuisine – eat and drink like a local

The city of Split is the perfect place for such a traveler to taste the culture of Dalmatia. The cuisine of Dalmatia is distinctly fresh and has something for any taste: vegetables, fish, meat, rice, noodles, and sauce are among the flavors one can expect to find at an authentic Dalmatian meal.

There are many popular restaurants to try when you are visiting Split. Konoba’s are a local restaurant that serves soup, traditional food, and a variety of brunches that Dalmatian’s calling marenda. When you are talking about marenda with the local people they are quite serious about this type of the meal. Marenda tradition starts a long time in history when their grandparents worked in the fields. Difference between brunch and marenda is not just satisfying a person’s need for food it’s more the right time for socialization and grab a glass of Bevanda.

what to eat in split what to do best eat places to visit

Restaurants with the best eats in Split

Trattoria Bajamonti and Konoba Fetivi are described like places where you can eat like a local. Light and casual taverns with colorful salads and beautifully-plated fish dishes made it with traditional Dalmatian recipes. If you are looking for ocean views, try Dvor restaurant with its lovely outdoor seating or ZOI restaurant with breathtaking terrace view where you can enjoy in the amazing sunset. At Uje Oil Bar, you can book a table to eat, an oil tasting, or a wine tasting.

If you decide to do a daily tour and have day escape from Split, you can always check our daily tours from Split. If you don’t have any idea what to do in Split you can see our recommendations for your bucket list. Most popular places are National Park’s and you have a million reasons to visit them

Krka national park or Plitivce lakes are the most famous places to visit and they are a couple of hours driving from SplitFor adrenalin seekers, we have white water rafting or extreme canyoning. If you want to enjoy in panoramic sightseeing we definitely recommended a kayaking tour, rafting on Cetina river without the extreme part and discovering Blue Cave and Hvar island.

Croatian Wines

If you are the first time in Split you definitely need to try one of the Croatian wines. Croatian vinery industry has a long history of producing high-quality wines. If you read an article about Royal Wedding you can’t miss that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on they wedding day drink Croatian wine Traminac from Ilok cellar.

Things To Do

Except for delicious cuisine, the city of Split is filled with sights and activities to be enjoyed by all, no matter your interests. For sea-lovers, beautiful beaches abound in Split—Bacvice Beach, Znjan City Beach, and Beach Bene are just a few. Those with a love for the fun and eclectic will enjoy the collection of stuffed frogs in Froggyland. And history enthusiasts will be enthralled by Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments. If you are visiting the city with young children in tow, check out the Split Science Museum and Zoo. And if you are there during the Christmas season, don’t miss Advent in Split.

Visit Split

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Croatia or a familiar returning tourist, an adventurous world-traveler or looking for a relaxing beach vacation, you will find something to do and delicious food to eat in the seaside city of Split and the delicious Dalmatian cuisine to found there.

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