Advebt Split Croatia Zagreb winter season

Christmas and New year in Split


Living at Split is no place for winter joys, but it’ definitely place where you can skip white Christmas, and enjoy in the where you can eat and drink outside. This year Advent time start on November 30 with some new thing to do. We still have some old locations but it’s amazing to see new stuff especially when we are expecting Christmas. So we have reasons to spend the holiday season in Split or just catch some amazing Christmas discount for next season.

Riva promenade, a place for Christmas fair

If you are looking to enjoy in Christmas holidays as “Splićanin” (local guy) this is the central place to be for Advent in Split. Recognizable white cottages offering food, drink and souvenirs are places that you need to visit. They are offering the most famous culinary menu for this time of the year with really good atmosphere by DJs or concerts that are performing on the main stage. So grab your sausages, mulled wine, or just famous rakija shots for best heat experience that you ever going to feel

Winter fairytale

Djardin winter park is definitely a New Advent location with a small Christmas village where you enjoy in ice skating. So first you need to visit Gregory of Nin and rub a toe for the luck, then you can start with the winter joys. Advent at Piazza is also one of the places where you need to be. Open-air parties and concerts on this magical place are part of the Splits winter mood. So, if you want to enjoy celebrating New Year at 3 pm like it’s midnight they have a spot for you.

We are talking about places that you need to see but the most important thing is the weather. So, we already know that it’s wintertime and we’re going to skip the beach (except for those people that we are going to mention them later). It can be cold especially if bure wind starts to blow or rain starts to fall. However, chances are that at least part of Advent time we will have a clear sky, temperatures around and over 10, in short – suitable to sit outside.

Most famous game in Split except football is Picigin. Christmas and New Year for the players is a dare to get wet on and spend some time on the beach. So we have shallow water and12-13 degrees Celsius water temperature with a clear sunny sky. If you are not among players, put on some jacket, and head to Bačvice beach on Christmas and New Year’s Day to watch one of the local traditions.  Codfish and fritule is a local treat that is a part of Christmas as all the episode of Home Alone. Small fried dough balls, usually with raisins. There is no better than getting some homemade, but don’t hesitate to use any opportunity to have them on the open air.

Croatia at Advent time have unique places where you can enjoy in the winter mood, Split and Zagreb are one of the most famous cities that close the summer season and change a switch for winter holidays. If you really enjoyed most of those previously mentioned things then you are ready to celebrate as local. If not, grab your 20% discount on our summer season thing that you need to do while you are at Split.