Amazing split attractions you must see

First time in Split and you don’t want to waste your time. This small guide helps you to find the most amazing attractions in Split and to see best of Split.

1. Split attractions – Diocletian Palace and Peristyle with cathedral

Overlooking the Split harbor, the 1700 years old palace is one of the most important architectural heritage of the Roman Empire, where you will spend most of your time in Split. But before the sightseeing squares and streets, you need to climb and visit the bell tower. Panoramic view from the cathedral tower is a breathtaking and amazing place to take some pictures.

2. Peristyle Square

In front of the cathedral is the Peristyle square, the most popular among Split attractions, surrounded by columns that are the center of cultural life in Split, where the extraordinary acoustics maintained traditional cultural and musical events of Split Summer Festival.

3. Jupiter’s temple

From Peristyle Square take the narrowest street called  Let me pass, in Croatian (Pusti me da prodjem) and you’ll find yourself below Jupiter’s temple. Jupiter temple is one of the three temples at Peristyle. It was built on a raised podium in front of him today is an old Egyptian sphinx. Other two temples were dedicated to Venus and Cybele.

4. Statue of Grgur Ninski

So whether you’re superstitious or not, don’t miss to touch it and make a wish! Do not miss to visit the monument to Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski in Croatian), created by the most famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The statue is an imposing 6 feet tall. Black statue with big shiny thumb next to the golden gate is Split’s much-loved statue, so rub that thumb and make a wish.

5. Prokurativa – Republic Square

Prokurative or as they are officially called, Republic Square resemble the Venice St. Marks Square. Neo-Renaissance square decorated by three sides columns while the fourth side is open to the sea.  This popular spot is one of the most beautiful squares in Split.

6. Riva – Split waterfront or Promenade

Riva, a Split waterfront is an iconic place and a favorite meeting point. This is a place where you drinking your cafe or have a walk in the late afternoon. Cafes on the waterfront is a popular gathering place for young people from Split before a night out.

Soon we bring you more Split’s spots to see.

23 Oct


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